Man in the Middle Attacks

Written by: Joel Caskey Senior Technology Business Engineer NET Xperts LLC When you were younger, did you ever play the game “Monkey in the Middle”?  That infamous game where 2 people throw a ball back and forth and try to keep the “man in the middle” from getting the ball has been around for a very long time.  I’m sure […]

What Is A Zero-Day Vulnerability? How Can Your Protect Against It?

Written by: Michael Williams Technology Business Engineer NET Xperts LLC With companies trending towards their business relying on cloud computing and infrastructure for day-to-day operations, software as a service is as essential as ever. While relying on third-party companies to manage your software may seem like a great way to mitigate headaches and risks, there exists one consistent threat in […]

Can An MSP Work with My Internal IT Team?

Written by: Joel Caskey Sr. Technology Business Engineer NET Xperts LLC The concept of having a full-service Managed Services Provider (MSP) is a great fit for smaller businesses that aren’t quite large enough to justify a full-time IT staff. This concept, however, often gets overlooked in a medium-sized organization environment that has an internal IT team. Many internal IT teams […]

Important Features You Need in An Endpoint Security Tool

Written by: Nick Lindemann Managed Services Administrator NET Xperts LLC Data loss prevention?  Advanced threat detection?  Machine learning?  Every endpoint protection solution is going to throw every marketing term they have at you to convince you to give your business to them.  But which tool is the right one? At NET Xperts, we’re your average every day folks just who […]

Vulnerability Scanning vs Penetration Testing

Written by: Kevin Daly Sr. Technology Business Engineer NET Xperts LLC Both vulnerability scans and penetration testing are necessary pieces to maximizing your company’s cybersecurity. Vulnerability scans are looking for known weaknesses and can be automated. Cybercriminals often exploit these known vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to your network. To best prevent these attacks, your organization should have a vulnerability […]