Vulnerability Scanning vs Penetration Testing

Headshot of KevinWritten by:

Kevin Daly
Sr. Technology Business Engineer
NET Xperts LLC

Both vulnerability scans and penetration testing are necessary pieces to maximizing your company’s cybersecurity.

Vulnerability scans are looking for known weaknesses and can be automated. Cybercriminals often exploit these known vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to your network. To best prevent these attacks, your organization should have a vulnerability scan done on a regular basis.  This is used to discover known software or firmware vulnerabilities. 

Penetration testing should be done by a third-party vendor and is used to discover unknown weaknesses in the network.  This should be done once or twice a year.  This is used to identify weak passwords and relaxed security settings.

NET Xperts offers vulnerability scans to help your business find your security’s known weaknesses, before a hacker exploits them. Additionally, NET Xperts can help remedy any issues in your network found during penetration testing. Take the next step towards securing your network, request a quote today.

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