Whether you are looking to repair a PC or recover from a network disaster, NET Xperts has a variety of service options available.

NET Xperts LLC continues to provide excellent customer service to ensure that you can maximize the value of your IT investment. With our proven track record and industry certified Technology Business Engineers, NET Xperts is here to consistently rescue your distressed network, so your business can continue to run smoothly.

Break-Fix Repair
Servers, PCs, Networks. If it’s broken, fix it and they will use it. In today’s economy, purchasing new equipment is not always an option. Call NET Xperts to repair faulty equipment and extend the life of your valuable hardware.
24/7 Emergency Network Service
Your network is your nervous system, transmitting messages and information to all areas of your business. Without it, nothing moves, employees sit idle and productivity plummets. Even a short outage can cost thousands of dollars. Don’t be caught with your network down. NET Xperts LLC has engineers on call 24/7 to handle any IT disaster.
You may also want to take advantage of our NET X Alert! managed service program for constant, around the clock network monitoring that catches network issues before they begin.
Network Design and Development
Whether you want to connect two computers together or outfit an entire datacenter, we can provide the optimal solution for your needs and budget. Our industry certifications and top technology business partners assure that you realize the highest possible return on your IT investment.
Security Design
Client information, credit card numbers, personal data, trade secrets, proprietary information, general ledger, accounting records and much more are at risk of being compromised without a proper security solution. Hackers and malicious viruses can steal or destroy your data, and you may be at risk every time you or someone in your organization receives or sends email. To combat these real threats, NET Xperts LLC will devise a line of defense that can help your business effectively protect its valuable data.
Network Documentation
Have you ever tried to add a new printer, but didn’t have a clue what the IP address was or even what network it was on? Lacking information can be frustrating and costly. That’s why network documentation is part of our overall commitment to quality and to our customers. Complete network documentation, a must-have reference for IT managers and anyone who needs to understand your system, is a standard part of our network installation services.
NET Xperts also provides a Network Analysis option to provide your business with more detailed information and help you decide if upgrading or buying new equipment is necessary.
Software Installation
Our software installation process, designed to ensure quality, begins with a verification of your system and system environment. Based on our detailed review, we will make recommendations for upgrades and patches if required. Once we are sure that all system requirements are met, we install your software, including setting up user privileges. After installation, we perform system tests to assure that your system is stable and that there are no incompatibilities. Contact your Technology Business Consultant for complete details.