"With NET Xperts’ monitoring, assessing our network health and performance has been left up to the experts. Our business has been running smoothly and securely. Potential problems are resolved before they interfere with our daily operation. The need for on-site technicians has been greatly reduced. NET Xperts has also assisted in researching software and hardware for particular tasks and continues to offer the support and maintenance necessary for our ever changing technology needs."​​
Regional Law Firm
Office Manager
"NET Xperts has satisfied us once again. With two guys on vacation this has been a rough week trying to do several things at once. As usual, you and your staff came through to help. Thank you does not seem sufficient to express the gratitude I have."​​
Accounting Firm
MIS Director
"As a NET X Alert! monitoring subscriber, I can rest assured knowing that our network is in good hands 24/7/365. The professionals at NET Xperts work tirelessly to ensure that our systems are operating smoothly and safely around the clock, a proactive approach that is truly invaluable for a company that depends on its network as much as we do. When the occasional call comes in about a failing hard drive or an interrupted service, I don’t worry because I know the problem has already been diagnosed and is in the process of being fixed. The service is definitely worth the investment."​
Sports Entertainment Company
Marketing Director
"It is a comforting feeling knowing your computer is fully protected 24/7. NET Xperts quick and knowledgeable expertise is greatly appreciated in an office as customer oriented as our Credit Union. In addition the peace of mind that they give our organization knowing that we have a ‘qualified’ resource watching over our network 24/7 at a fraction of the cost for what we could do it ourselves."
Local Credit Union
"More than once, NET Xperts has resolved imminent network issues without our knowledge. Having NET Xperts perform regular maintenance on our system has saved us a lot of time and money."
Manufacturing Facility
IT Director
"The NET Xperts Team is amazing! They continue to exceed our expectations and provide service that is above and beyond what many other companies settle for from like suppliers. During a recent incident, the Network Monitoring Team notified us at 3:00am that one of servers had experienced a hardware failure. Within moments, NET Xperts had not only diagnosed the problem, but had dispatched a service technician to meet us at our main office. The technician then drove to our secondary office to pick-up the spare part and was back in time to install, update, and reboot our server to have our entire system back up and running by 6:30am, just in time for our normal operating hours at 7:00am. NET Xperts really saved the day and potentially a lot of business as well!"
Travel Agency
IT Director
"We have had a long and satisfying relationship with NET Xperts dating back over 5 years. We really do appreciate and value the many little things you do to make the efforts here at our business more efficient and effective. I am pleased to say that the services provided by NET Xperts are first rate and the level of competence and effectiveness of your staff is top notch."
Educational Organization
IT Manager