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Are you an owner or an employee of a SMB? SMB stands for “Small to Medium-Sized Business” and generally applies to organizations with about 100 employees or less.  Just like larger companies, SMBs are at risk for data breaches and hacks. Understanding some basic security flaws is a great way to mitigate risk to your business. 

Here are a few common SMB security mistakes and how to fix them:

Mistake 1) Thinking you’re too small to be a target. 

Solution: This is a quite common misconception deserving of the number one spot on this list.  These days, hackers and bad actors are targeting any and all businesses.  While larger companies are attacked more often, smaller businesses are targeted because the security is usually less stringent, and they don’t have the resources and teams behind them like their larger counterparts do.  The key here is to assume you are being targeted at all times and put the proper safety precautions into place.

Mistake 2) Not securing data through MFA.

Solution: MFA stands for Multi-Factor Authentication and is one of the easiest and most effective security systems to put in place.  The most common hacks we see are compromised passwords.  Once somebody has your email and password, the floodgates open for what they can do and access.  Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication means a compromised password doesn’t equal a compromised work environment.  In order to gain access, the attacker would also need physical access to something like your phone or a key fob. 

Mistake 3) Not segmenting your network.

Solution:  Think of your business network like a zoo.  You wouldn’t keep all your zoo animals in one giant cage with lions, tigers, and zebras all together.  The same thought process applies to your network.  If you have guest Wi-Fi available at your business, you want to make sure it is segmented from your other networks.  This prevents anyone from accessing your guest Wi-Fi and having complete free roam over everything within your business. 

Mistake 4) Failing to utilize a backup.

Solution:  In the event of a data loss or data breach, you want to have a backup of everything pertinent to your business needs.  In the worst-case scenario where your network is compromised, having a segmented backup that is on a different network allows you to quickly and effectively resume business as quickly as possible. 

Following these simple guidelines and fixing these common SMB security flaws ensures you are separating your business from the others and taking the first step in network security.   

NET Xperts has the security tools your business needs to mitigate these risks. Get a free quote by calling us today at 412.244.NETX (6389)!

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