The Risks of Using Personal Email Accounts for Business

Written by:

Jim Wagner
Technology Business Consultant
NET Xperts LLC

In today’s complex and fast-paced world, people will sometimes use any and all tools available to them to be productive. In the case of employees using their personal email accounts, this exposes the business to many legal risks as well as other risks that can damage a company.

When employees use their personal email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL for business, that email is not subject to back-ups, archiving, or any of the security measures that have been put in place for security and governance purposes. The resulting legal risks include a business not being able to search personal email since these accounts are not ‚Äúdiscoverable‚ÄĚ in standard legal proceedings. The risks to the business also include the potential loss of intellectual property and the potential for violating customer privacy regulations.

To prevent these risks, companies need to have strict rules against using personal email for business purposes and these policies need to be strongly enforced. To make this easier, companies should be proactive and provide employees with easy to access email to use on their own devices. These policies should also apply to contractors or consultants sending email on a company’s behalf by providing a company email address which can be monitored and regulated as well.

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