Making a Cybersecurity House a Safe Home

Joel CaskeyWritten by: 

Joel Caskey 
Cybersecurity Manager & Partner 
NET Xperts LLC

Greetings, Cybersecurity Superheroes!

Throughout the month this month, we’ve talked about a few different concepts to strengthen your cybersecurity posture and to build and maintain that Cybersecurity House. This isn’t the full picture, but it gives you an idea of some of the basic concepts that you can do easily to protect your network, your employees, and (most importantly) your customers.

We’ve talked about some simple concepts – locking the door, setting the alarm, not letting strangers in, and making sure you’re keeping up with maintenance. These are all concepts that relate to your house and relate to your network.  Doing these things helps to keep the intruders out and helps you build a better protection strategy to keep your business running smoothly.

Don’t forget – being proactive is the key to protecting not only your data and operations, but also your reputation.  If you’re breached, it tarnishes your credibility with your customers. That’s something that can’t be fixed with Cyber Liability Insurance. Many breaches in small businesses can be mitigated or prevented entirely just by following some basic Cybersecurity principles like I’ve laid out here.

NET Xperts can help! We understand that cybersecurity can be overwhelming – there are a lot of moving parts!  You don’t know what you don’t know. We are Xperts in our field. Let us guide you with our Xperience to help you make some safe and affordable decisions to protect your business. Remember: downtime is costly, and breaches are even more costly. Hackers attack businesses because there’s money in it. You, as a small business, are even more susceptible to attacks because you don’t have the in-house experience that a larger corporation may have. 

Don’t fall into the false sense of security that since you’re a small business, you won’t be attacked – this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Let us help you protect your business.

Now is the time to review your Cybersecurity Approach and build that Cybersecurity House.


Until next time, Cybersecurity Superheroes – Stay safe out there and I hope to hear from you soon!