What To Do If Your Business Is Hacked

Written by:

Patrick Weber
Technology Business Engineer
NET Xperts LLC

So, you’ve found out your business was hacked (though how to figure that out might be another topic in itself!). As serious as this may be, resist the urge to panic. You’ll want a clear head to respond quickly to this, with one of the first steps being to figure out the what and the where. Establishing a scope of the issue will help you determine how to deal with the damage, whether that is restoring from backups, patching vulnerable servers, whatever the case may be. Lastly, you should be contacting the people who can help or who should be told. Those might be us in the IT world, or the authorities to report the crime (or regulatory bodies depending on your industry).

This is one of those times where having a trusted IT provider is extremely important. Having a secure MSP, such as NET Xperts, means having a dedicated IT team to help prevent data breaches in the first place, investigate possible hacks for you, and help your business find solutions if there was a breach. Skip the panic and give us a call today at 412-244-NETX (6389)!

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