What Is SIEM?

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SIEM (pronounced “SIM”) is an acronym that stands for Security Information and Event Management. Simply put, SIEM is a method businesses use to recognize security threats and vulnerabilities within their work environment.  SIEM products provide real-time monitoring, event analysis, and security logging for network defense, as well as providing audit compliance and security.

SIEM tools use a wide array of methods to track security risks, based largely around compiling huge swaths of data to identify any suspicious activity.  These methods include log management, event correlation and analytics, incident monitoring, and security alerts. 

Utilizing these tools, SIEM can recognize threats in real-time and notify network administrators of dangerous activity.  An adequately implemented SIEM system is able to recognize phishing attacks, SQL injections, DDoS Attacks, and threats from within your organization. 

Regardless of the size of your business, SIEM provides a fast and reliable way to monitor your network and catch threat actors before they have a chance to exploit your infrastructure.  Unfortunately, with modern data networks, risk exposure is extremely high and a SIEM system will greatly help in identifying attacks before, or as they happen, so the proper countermeasures may be put in place.

Although SIEM is a great tool for your business to utilize, it is not a replacement for Managed Services. To get the most out of NET X SIEM, you should pair it with NET X Alert! Managed Services as another layer of security for your network.

Ask NET Xperts how your business can begin using NET X SIEM to properly monitor your network and safeguard your company. Give us a call today at 412-244-NETX (6389)!

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