Traditional Anti-Virus vs. EDR

Cody SheldonWritten by:

Cody Sheldon
Managed Services Lead Administrator
NET Xperts LLC

When looking to secure your business’ endpoints, there are two types of software that you can choose from: Traditional Anti-Virus (AV), which will prevent and detect basic malware infections, and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), which is an advanced level of protection against these types of threats. 

Most AV software relies upon virus signature files and requires regular updates in order to keep you protected. What about that time in between updates? This can leave you vulnerable during this gap.  

 EDR utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to get rid of this vulnerable period of time. EDR will also use the AI to analyze the threats it sees across all of your business’ endpoints and identify what files can truly be harmful on your computer. With EDR agents installed onto your endpoints you also gain the ability to choose what to do with threats. You’ll also gain access to monitoring tools that make threat identification easy and lets you know what threats have been resolved and unresolved.  

Although EDR allows for a more advanced level of protection, every business is different and has different needsNET Xperts LLC can help you figure out which endpoint protection solution would be the right choice for your business. Call us today at 412-244-NETX (6389) to secure your users’ networks. 

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