What You Need In An Email Security Service

Written by:

Mike Mannarino
Technology Business Consultant
NET Xperts LLC

In the fast-paced world we live inyour email security needs to go beyond traditional email filtering. I am often asked if I only did one thing for protecting our systems, what would it be? I always reply “enduser training. 

 Your most valuable and most vulnerable asset is your employees. Performing phishing simulations and awareness training can give your employees a peek into how easy it is to have sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords, harvested. Additionally, utilizing an AI based scanning tool is proven to be invaluable.  

Common static email spam filters are easily circumnavigated by preying on the enduser using social engineering. AI software, like Barracuda Sentinel, is constantly looking and learning pattern recognition of endusers to establish how you interact with people. This assists the AI in building a database which is used to check emails and establish which ones are malicious using those patterns. Lastly, it will establish common locations you use the email, and cloud-based systems, to discover account takeover attempts.  

For more information on end-user training and how to secure your business’ email, give us a call at 412-244-NETX (6389) to speak with one of our Technology Business Consultants.

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