How To Protect Your Privacy Online

Written by:

Patrick Weber
Technology Business Engineer
NET Xperts LLC

Protecting your personal privacy online can be just as important as protecting your data and passwords.  Even seemingly useless information on its own can be collected and aggregated, used to build a profile about you, and then used to gain more sensitive information.   

Protecting yourself can be as simple as just being critical about what you post publicly online.  Try to avoid posting things like specific new large purchases, or when or where you were born.  Also, be critical of the things you click on.  If a link looks slightly off, or came from a different email address than usual, take a second look to be sure it’s taking you where you think.  Phishing attacks can take you to a page that seems normal, but then ask for personal information, tricking you into giving attackers information they would not otherwise be able to get. 

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