NET Xperts provides expert consulting, installation, and troubleshooting services with the sale of hardware and software from leading manufacturers.
Network Assessment
Do you have a technology plan?
Let NET Xperts LLC provide you with a Network Analysis in terms of upgrades, hardware/software, anti-virus and firewall protection, VPN/Remote Access solutions, virtualization, and cloud services.
Upgrade or buy new?
Computer processors and storage continue to double in power and capacity about every 18 months. NET Xperts LLC can provide more powerful systems to keep up with new OS and software demands.
PCs and servers need replaced. It is a fact of life.
PC technology is improving all of the time. It may be time to upgrade to something faster so that your employees can work more efficiently. Laptops are replacing desktops regularly. The flexibility to work from anywhere is pertinent to many business models.

Did you know that the lifecycle of a server is typically only about 3-5 years?
Is it time for a replacement?

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Software Licensing Programs
Are you tracking your software licenses?
If your answer is no, have no fear. NET Xperts can help. We take the hassle out of software licensing.
When you buy your software licenses with us (Microsoft, Barracuda, Symantec, WatchGuard, and more), we make sure your licenses are registered and documented. We keep accurate up-to-date records, so you don’t have to.

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Anti-Virus and Spam Solutions
How are you protecting your business?
Employees are your biggest threat. They click on things they shouldn’t.

Having up-to-date anti-virus can help block malicious viruses before they get to you PC.

Additionally, a proper spam filter can keep harmful emails from ever making their way to your employee’s inbox.
Internet access in your office should be seamless.
Moving from your desk to the conference room should not cause you a lapse in connectivity.

NET Xperts LLC can provide you with a secure, fast, reliable wireless network that will allow for easy wire-free movement around your office.
Would you hand over all the data on your network to a stranger?
The obvious answer is “no,” yet many organizations risk their network being exposed because they do not have the right protective firewall or they have no firewall at all!

Cybercriminals are trying to get your data.

It is up to you to make sure no one accesses your vital business information.

A properly configured firewall can help protect your organization.
VPN / Remote Access Solutions
In today’s environment, more employees are working outside the office than ever before.
How do employees safely access company information while they are at home or at a coffee shop?

NET Xperts LLC can design and install VPN/remote access solutions that allow your employees to safely connect to your network anytime from just about anywhere.