Welcome To Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Joel CaskeyWritten by:

Joel Caskey
Cybersecurity Manager & Partner
NET Xperts LLC

Greetings, Cybersecurity Superheroes!

Welcome to October! For most people, October starts the official “Spooky Season” as it’s our kickoff into Fall. Pumpkins, ghosts, and fall decorations are on the minds of millions right now. Hot chocolate, candy, apple cider (or pumpkin spice, if you prefer) – all great things about October.

HOWEVER…. We can’t forget the absolute most important part of October – Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Cybersecurity is a part of my everyday life, but October is a good reminder to everyone to take some time to sit back and review your cybersecurity processes with an unbiased eye. 

  • Are you doing the things that keep you safe? 
  • Are you adapting your security defenses with the times? 
  • What has changed over the last year that you need to focus on?


We are going to be focusing on building your Cybersecurity House this month! Throughout the month, I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks to help you solidify that foundation, make sure the roof isn’t leaking, and keep those windows and doors nice, solid, and secure. There will be things that will help you focus on protecting your business, as well as things that you can share with your team of Junior Cybersecurity Superheroes (AKA your front-line team) to help everyone on a personal level as well!

Be safe out there, superheroes! Put on those capes, and let’s fly into a successful Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  Let’s go!!