Ways to Check if Your Email Has Been Compromised

Written by:

Mike Copen
Technology Business Engineer
NET Xperts LLC

Unable to log into email 

If your account has been compromised, a malicious attempt may have occurred to change your password without you knowing.  

Email being sent from your account without interaction 

Your email is most likely being used to send spam or trying to gather more information from replies by others when they receive these emails.  An attacker can place forwarding rules in your account without you knowing. 

Sent/Deleted items showing strange emails 

A compromised email account may send out emails in an attempt to retrieve important business and account information without the end users knowing it is occurring.  Checking these folders may tell you immediately that something is wrong. 

Password reset emails 

If you receive an unexpected password reset email or an email stating your account is compromised, this may be an attempt for the end user to click on a malicious link within the email and cause the account to become compromised.  Always hover over links within the email to see if they look legitimate and contact the person sending you the email directly to verify it is legitimate.   

Addresses in contact lists receiving unwanted emails from your account 

You might receive calls or emails from family or customers stating they are getting emails from your account without you sending them.   

If any of these scenarios fit your current situation, NET Xperts, LLC offers many solutions to resolve these issues and keep your accounts safe.  Please contact us if you would like any assistance resolving the issues mentioned within this article. 

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