Covid-19 Scammers

Written by:

Joel Caskey
Senior Technology Business Engineer
NET Xperts LLC


With all of the current events going on in the world, scammers have once again found a “hole” to take advantage of those that are unsuspecting. COVID-19 is making a very large impact in the world’s communications today, from social media to news to government. Be aware that scammers have seized this opportunity to prey on those that are letting their technology guard down.

There are many scams going around, from a site that claims to give you stats on COVID-19 but actually gives you malware, to bogus phone numbers asking for personal information to tell you when you’re going to be receiving a stimulus check from the government, to sites that claim that they will give you your stimulus check faster if you give them your information. With everything going on, don’t forget Joel’s Internet Golden Rule #1: DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE UNLESS YOU CAN VERIFY THAT THE SOURCE IS LEGITIMATE. Be Aware, Be Informed, and Be Safe. #WeAreStrong

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