Compliant with Your Microsoft Licenses?

Written by:

Kevin Hilson
Technology Business Consultant
NET Xperts LLC


Top 4 Reasons You Should Be.

Many times organizations add new employees and purchase new computers, then forget to order extra Windows CAL’s. The ability to demonstrate Proof of License (POL) is in your company’s best interest on several levels.

1. Viruses. To begin with, POL ensures that your company is using only genuine Microsoft software. Unauthorized software can contain viruses that may potentially damage individual computers and entire networks, while exposing critical company and customer data to risk.

2. Upgrades and Support. Additionally, unauthorized software or licenses that cannot be verified can render software ineligible for product upgrades and Microsoft technical support, diminishing the value of software to your organization.

3. Valuable Time and Peace of Mind. Maintaining POL provides peace of mind by ensuring that your organization is meeting all legal responsibilities when it comes to the use and deployment of Microsoft software. Should your organization ever need to produce evidence of POL, having current Proofs of License on hand will save you valuable time with minimal disruption to your core business activities.

4. Software Audits. Microsoft has also partnered with the Business Software Alliance to conduct software audits in many organizations. Some of these audits have resulted in hefty fines being levied against offenders.

NET Xperts has taken great strides to assure that our customers are up to date with all of their Microsoft licenses and other vendor licenses as well.

Feel free to contact us if you need help identifying whether you are compliant or not. You can reach a NET Xperts Technology Business Consultant at 412-244-NETX(6389) or request more info online at

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