Top 3 IT Questions Answered

Technology Business Consultant, Jake


Written by:
Jake Rubenstein
Technology Business Consultant
NET Xperts LLC


1. How important is IT to my company? Is IT only important when something is not working? Or, is it recognized as the leading function that operates your entire business? Whether it’s running software that operates your business or backing up your financial data; if IT only gets attention when something is NOT working, you may want to think about this.

2. Why should I be concerned about IT if everything is working properly? The real question here should be, “How do I know if my IT is actually working properly?” When was the last time you had a network evaluation or assessment performed by an outside company? In comparison, do you go to the doctor for regular checkups & evaluations, or do you ask your significant other or family member to evaluate your health? I don’t know about you, but I think I’d rather have my health evaluated by an educated & certified doctor. Therefore, your network is the heart of your company and should be treated no differently. A well maintained, managed network is going to “live” much longer.

3. Do I need a technology plan and an IT budget? Have you experienced the pain of NOT having an IT Budget first hand? Most small to medium sized business professionals have many hats they need to wear day to day and don’t have time to plan their IT structure. Maybe you DO have a plan of attack, but don’t have the resources to implement it.

If you’re in this situation, the best option is to outsource a “network analysis” from an IT organization, like NET Xperts LLC. A formal documented IT analysis will provide you with the tools needed for today, tomorrow and the future. The results vary from one organization to another; however, upon the conclusion of this analysis, every organization will know exactly where they stand regarding IT. Areas that should be addressed immediately are identified. Areas that are stable with little or no recommended change are recognized. You will benefit from this experience knowing what you have, why you have it, and how it is being maintained. You will have a clear picture of product life expectancy with an overall scope of your network for future planning and growth.

An analysis in simplified terms will provide you with the direction needed to create a technology plan and IT Budget for your organization. This is an area that NET Xperts can assist you with, by scheduling a meeting with a Technology Business Consultant today! Call us at 412-244-NETX(6389)or visit and complete our online form.

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