Rate Change for 2017


NET Xperts LLC


We would like to thank our customers for your continued patronage over the years. With your help, we have achieved several accomplishments, including moving up the on the MSP Mentor Top 501 Managed Service Providers, attaining the Microsoft Gold Competency, as well as reaching Preferred Partner with Barracuda Networks and becoming a WatchGuard One Gold Partner. We work hard to maintain our partnerships with our vendor organizations every year to ensure we are providing you with the most knowledgeable service available.

As NET Xperts grows, we appreciate the fantastic testimonials and feedback you have sent us regarding the outstanding quality and support we strive to consistently provide. To obtain and retain the top quality professionals that serve you every day, we have continued to make significant investments through increasing our support staff and technologies necessary to comply with our internal NET X Alert! Managed Services initiatives. We practice what we ask of our clients, so as we continue to expand our office, we continue to expand and update our infrastructure to provide you with the most up-to-date and safe solutions.

For many years, we have prided ourselves on avoiding rate changes, while watching our competitors raise their rates year after year. However, in order to continue to provide you with our top notch service and support, and to stay competitive in today’s technology industry, we are constrained to institute a modest rate increase for some of our services beginning January 1, 2017. NET X Alert! Managed Services customers will have NO changes in pricing during your current subscription; only charges outside of your normal subscription will be changed. For our non-Managed Services customers, this will be only the 3rd rate change in NET Xperts LLC’s 15-year history. Our overall value remains very competitive with our local peers whose fees typically increase annually and many times without notice.

These modest rate changes will allow NET Xperts LLC to continue providing the highest level of personalized, professional service and continue meeting future needs with innovative new products and services that protect you and your business while saving time and money.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Technology Business Consultant for more information on how this affects you. Additionally, if you are not a NET X Alert! Managed Services customer and would like to lower your rates, call today and sign up!

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