Windows 10: Pros and Cons

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Mike Copen
Technology Business Engineer
NET Xperts LLC


I am sure that many of you have heard about the latest operating system released by Microsoft. It is called Windows 10 and was released to the public on July 29th. Upgrading to this new system can be both exciting and scary. The following information should provide a brief overview of Windows 10.

Is it time?

Now that Windows 10 has been released, the question beckons: “should I upgrade”? Early adoption of a new operating system can be a blessing and a curse for most people. You should always weigh the pros and cons before upgrading your computer and see if you will benefit from this upgrade or if it will slow you down.

Below are the pros and cons to each scenario:


Productivity. Most operating systems try and fix things that the public has had issues with in the previous versions. Windows 10 is no exception. It streamlines your everyday routine on a computer with new ways to access your programs. This allows business activities to become much faster and more secure.

Security. Internet browsing will be more secure. A newer operating system will adhere to stricter safety measures and comply with the security that websites utilize to keep your data safe.

Support. With a newer operating system, you are guaranteed to receive updates from Microsoft and the computer manufacturers when they are released. When the older operating systems retire, no new updates are released and this will cause a security issue with your data and your network.


Updating Drivers. It is inevitable that when you upgrade a computer, you will also need to upgrade the drivers that run your hardware on your pc, printers, scanners, etc. Many updated drivers may not be available immediately. Please look over your current setup and evaluate what may be questionable. Your manufacturer website is usually the best place to check on this.

Old Software. The longer you use software, the less you think about a need for it to be upgraded. You just rely on it and expect it to work. Because software companies aren’t on the same release schedules as an operating system manufacturer, your software may or may not work with the OS. The best way to check on this is to contact the software manufacturer and ask them if their software is compatible with Windows 10. If it is not, ask them if there is a time frame for a release and this will help you plan your upgrade around this.

So, is it time to upgrade?

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