Nonprofits: What Are Your Cybersecurity Risks?

Written by: Matt Sabo Technology Business Consultant NET Xperts LLC Did you know that more than 80% of nonprofits do not have a strategy in place to deal with cyber-attacks?  Unfortunately, cybercriminals oftentimes pick on the weakest and easiest targets and the primary intent is usually to make money. Most nonprofits do not address these hackers, not because there is a […]

The Most Common Types of Network Vulnerabilities

Written by: Kevin Daly Senior Technology Business Engineer NET Xperts LLC Network vulnerabilities fall into three categories.  These categories are Hardware-Based, Software-based, and Human-based  Hardware-based:   It is important to keep the software and firmware up to date on all of your devices.  As vulnerabilities are discovered reputable vendors will release updates that will address the vulnerabilities.  It is also important to […]

What You Need In An Email Security Service

Written by: Mike Mannarino Technology Business Consultant NET Xperts LLC In the fast-paced world we live in, your email security needs to go beyond traditional email filtering. I am often asked if I only did one thing for protecting our systems, what would it be? I always reply “end–user training.”   Your most valuable and most vulnerable asset is your employees. Performing phishing simulations and awareness training can give your employees a peek […]

How To Protect Your Privacy Online

Written by: Patrick Weber Technology Business Engineer NET Xperts LLC Protecting your personal privacy online can be just as important as protecting your data and passwords.  Even seemingly useless information on its own can be collected and aggregated, used to build a profile about you, and then used to gain more sensitive information.    Protecting yourself can be as simple as […]

Spotting and Avoiding Tech Support Scams

Written by: Matt Sabo Technology Business Consultant NET Xperts LLC You’re waiting in line, your morning is rushed and you get an urgent email from your direct report requesting invoice credentials for one of your main clients. It’s a Wednesday. Usually these requests wait until Friday but without questioning it you send the information to satisfy your manager.  In that […]