Continuous Endpoint Detection and Response
Endpoint visibility is critical.
What is EDR?
EDR stands for Endpoint Detection & Response.

It is an advanced threat detection program that detects and investigates suspicious activities and other problems on hosts/endpoints.
Isn’t Antivirus Enough?
No. Nearly 8 in 10 successful ransomware attacks involve fileless malware, which can evade antivirus programs.
NET X EDR has advanced threat intelligence to look for fileless malware, unlike typical antivirus programs.
NET X EDR also has more remediation options than antivirus. Kill, quarantine, remediate, and rollback options are available.
NET X EDR uses lighter computer resources than traditional antivirus.
Unlike traditional antivirus programs, NET X EDR can also give you a deeper insight into the context and forensic data of any threats that may occur.
Additionally, NET X EDR also has a policy to contain threats by disconnecting from the network.
Keep your data and your business safe with NET X EDR.