NET X Cloud+

NET X Cloud+ is our service that allows our customers to move all or part of their business network to the cloud. You’ll never worry about patching, faulty hardware, or network issues again. NET X Cloud is designed to deploy your application and keep it continuously available during crashes and failures, redirecting traffic from troubled instances to ones running smoothly.

Benefits of NET X Cloud+
  • Unlimited remote support during normal business hours
  • Solution is all-inclusive – no additional costs for labor
  • Ability to scale up or down as needed
  • Continuous availability during crashes and failures
  • Automatic OS updates
  • Minimal upfront cost

NET X Cloud+ is powered through Microsoft Azure. You now have the power to enable your people to work from virtually anywhere. Azure gives NET Xperts and your company more than 100 services to build, maintain, and manage your business in the cloud.