Mission Statement :

NET Xperts is a customer-friendly business that understands the value of teamwork, trust and reliability.

We pride ourselves on providing computer and network technology services to our clients in a professional, accountable, and dependable manner. Moreover, we work with clients to develop technology plans that meet their strategic business goals. This partnership approach and our commitment to building long-term relationships separate us from our competition.

What’s the significance of leaving the “E” off of NET Xperts?

Actually, the significance is not in the omitted “E”, but in the red capital “X“. That “X” or Roman numeral ten, emphasizes the ten critical values that pertain to our mission and our commitment to our clients and ourselves. Every time our name is displayed, it reminds us of the values we must uphold to fulfill our mission of creating unwavering client and employee loyalty. The red “X” means we never overlook what has made and will continue to make NET Xperts LLC a success.


  1. We value our commitment to personal excellence and self-improvement.
  2. We value our ability to excel in everything we do.
  3. We value the integrity of our sales and engineering professionals.
  4. We value our positive attitudes.
  5. We value our identity as an organization that clients will trust.
  6. We value every client, regardless of size.
  7. We value our commitment to clients, both professionally and personally.
  8. We value our client relationships and the sense of loyalty that stems from them.
  9. We value a strong commitment to customer service.
  10. We value teamwork with our customers and among our staff.